Furniture companies applying for patents are expected to shrink from half a year to half a month

“In the past, the simplest appearance patent application was approved at least half a year. After the establishment of the Houjie Furniture Intellectual Property Rapid Rights Protection Center, the time is expected to be shortened to half a month.” Yesterday, Houjie Town Mayor Wan Zhuopei met with him. At the press conference, the news was released. At the beginning of this month, Houjie has officially been approved by the State Intellectual Property Office to establish the nation's only furniture intellectual property rapid rights protection center. The center will be put into use in March and April next year. By then, furniture companies will get faster. Efficient patent applications and services such as rights protection.

According to reports, in 2012, the Provincial Intellectual Property Office conducted on-the-spot investigations on industrial clusters such as Houjie Furniture, Humen Garment, Dalang Maozhi and Changan Hardware, and selected Houjie Furniture Industry as the Dongguan Express Rights Protection Center to declare projects through the municipal government. For review and approval, the municipal government shall be responsible for reporting to the provincial intellectual property office and recommending it to the State Intellectual Property Office. Since then, Houjie has received on-site inspections by the State Intellectual Property Office six times and officially obtained approval from the State Intellectual Property Office in December 2013.

China Dongguan (Furniture) Intellectual Property Rapid Rights Protection Center is a Zhengke-level institution approved by the Dongguan Municipal Organization Establishment Committee. It is prepared by the Municipal Economic and Technological Information Bureau and the Municipal Intellectual Property Rights Assistance Center. The national, provincial and municipal levels decentralized the patent enforcement authority to the center to ensure the rapid handling of patent dispute cases. After the establishment of the Furniture Intellectual Property Rapid Rights Protection Center, it will directly interface with the internal network of the State Intellectual Property Office, and will be handled by the State Intellectual Property Office with relevant official seals and authorizations to handle relevant patent administrative examination and approval matters.

The establishment of the center will be centered on Houjie Town, covering the city's furniture industry accepting reports and complaints, mediating patent disputes, setting up circuit courts, and conducting intellectual property service agencies, e-commerce, etc. It is a collection of patent applications, rights protection assistance, mediation enforcement, A one-stop integrated service platform for judicial trials.

For the construction of the center, the Houjie Town Government invested 2 million yuan in the early stage, and invested no less than 1 million yuan each year for maintenance operations. Houjie, the mayor of Houjie, said that the State Intellectual Property Office has done this pilot in Houjie, which is to provide services for enterprises, and does not advocate high fees. Although it is a market-oriented operation and hopes that the local government will provide financial support, it is believed that after the operation in the future, the fees will be relatively low. For enterprises, the cost of rights protection will be lower.

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