Fun with treadmill fitness is no longer boring

It is often complained that when the treadmill was first bought home, the whole family rushed to play, but within a few days, the freshness was over and the treadmill was left out of the cold. It was like a decoration, and it was too much to cause the fitness of the treadmill too much. boring. Some people, who are trying to lose weight, may find that the effect is not obvious, lose confidence in weight loss, and will no longer use a treadmill.

The easiest and most direct improvement method is to place the treadmill in the position of the window. In this way, when running, there is a feeling of running in the open, reducing the sense of boring, and can also put some background music to adjust the mood. However, it is best not to exercise while watching TV. Although this is a good way to get rid of tedium, it is easy to distract and it is not very good to cause accidental injuries.

In fact, to fundamentally solve this problem, it is necessary to learn different exercise methods on the treadmill according to different training purposes. If we understand how to use it, we naturally will not feel boring.

There are the following types of training methods:

Aerobic constant speed training: The speed is gradually increased from 2 km/h, the difference is 1 km, and each level is maintained for 1 minute. After observing that the heart rate reaches the mid-intensity aerobic training target heart rate range (130-150 beats/min), maintain the speed at that time and exercise for 10-30 minutes. If the heart rate keeps accelerating, feelings of asthma or discomfort, it will be decelerated immediately. Unless it is an emergency, it is generally avoided to suddenly stop. It is safer to make gradual transitions. When the same speed has not reached the original heart rate, you can slightly increase the speed or increase the slope, which will help improve heart and lung function.

Aerobic speed training: After the heart rate reaches 130-150 beats/min, maintain 3 minutes to slow down, keep the heart rate down to 110-120 beats/min, maintain 3 minutes, and then increase speed again for 3 minutes, alternating back and forth 2 - 5 times. It is a medium and small-intensity aerobic training and is suitable for young people with less physical fitness.

Anaerobic metabolic training: When the heart rate reaches 130-150 beats/min, maintain it for 5 minutes, then follow the difference of 1 km/h per minute, grade 2 degrees, accelerate and increase the gradient, so that the heart rate gradually reaches 170 beats/min, that is, enter The "threshold" of anaerobic metabolism was maintained for another 5 minutes. Then start to quickly reduce the speed, slope, and then walk for 3 minutes to end. Suitable for young people with better physical fitness.

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