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[ Chinese and foreign toys network news] flat instead of game toys has become a new favorite for children is not new. With the deliberate atmosphere created by the manufacturers, the use of tablet applications to educate children about school-age education and all aspects of learning is also accepted by parents. But tablets in the UK have recently had new features. According to a recent survey in the UK, most parents now adopt a “technical punishment” approach to deprive their children of the right to use electronic products when they are disobedient.

The children's tablet market is gradually enriched.

Online retailer Pixmania surveyed 2,000 parents to understand the consumption of electronic products in their homes and the length of time their children use them. Eighty percent of the respondents were 14-year-old or younger. According to the survey, one in four British households now owns tablets; about half of parents said they would buy electronic devices for their children. Of the respondents, 46% would buy Xbox or PlayStation games for their children, and 30% would buy MP3 music players or smartphones for their children. At the same time, more than 70% of parents believe that children are over-reliant on electronic products. The survey shows that children spend an average of nearly two hours a day on electronic products, and more than a quarter of children stare at the screen for more than four hours a day.

In the past, when the children were not obedient, the parents would not be allowed to eat, not to tell the story of the bedside as a punishment. According to Pixmania's survey, 80% of parents now take “technical punishment” means of confiscate their children's iPads, smartphones, game consoles, etc. Parents admit that this is more effective, and such an approach seems to be based on theory. The British "Daily Mail" quoted Pixmania staff member Judy Hubeca on the 12th as saying: "Electronic products such as tablets provide entertainment and help children communicate with friends, so when parents take it away, they will bring it. Give your child a double blow."

It’s not a good thing to let children touch the tablet too early.

However, psychologists do not agree with the parents' practice that at least children should not be exposed before they are 2 years old. French child psychiatrist Serge Tisron said that the iPad can only provide a colorful two-dimensional picture, unable to provide complex sensory information to infants and young children, and has defects. American psychologist Nancy Linda believes that certain games on the iPad are interactive, but they are not a substitute for interpersonal communication. A survey conducted last year in the United Kingdom showed that children with language disabilities increased by 71% in the past six years. Language research experts believe that this has something to do with electronic products such as smartphones; education experts worry that long-term use of electronic devices such as smartphones and computers may jeopardize children's reading and communication skills.

Editor's comment: An anecdote, but the author should still face this problem with a relatively serious attitude. I have just reported that the family holding rate in China has ranked first in the world. I believe that there are not a few parents, so the attitude of letting children touch the tablet should be conservative. Whether it is from the perspective of physical development or mental health, more outdoor sports and parent-child communication are more suitable ways for children to entertain. Click to enter the home page of China and foreign toys

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