Fine art craftsman's topcoat ecological board natural texture wood grain clear

Rabbit paint plate , paint-free decorative material has natural texture, clear wood grain, can be compared with logs, the world's currently popular wood species, and the surface of the product has no color difference, self-extinguishing from the fire, washable, wear-resistant, moisture-proof, Anti-corrosion, anti-acid, anti-alkali, non-stick dust, no mold and blackening due to the wetness of the wall, product design and production, reasonable color matching, easy construction, good sawing, never rupture, repairing and trimming Use paint-free line matching, glue with glue does not need to worry about ash after nailing, and no need to paint, can save the labor and paint cost of paint after construction, avoid the paint producing unhealthy smell and carcinogenic substances to the human body, not only save one The long-term maintenance and care costs, and shorten the construction time, the effect is elegant, the cost is reduced, so it is green, non-toxic, tasteless, non-polluting, a new generation of paint-free decorative materials across the century, the products lead the decoration with its high-end benefits New trends in materials.

  Product specifications: 1220mmX2440mm

  Fine artisan main products: blockboard , ecological board , MDF, particle board , MDF, veneer, plywood, multi-layer board, integrated board, fire board, calcium silicate board, rabbit paint board, finger joint Board, plasterboard, etc.

Product categories: white cherry, white pine, Brazilian rosewood, imitation natural rosewood, yellow rosewood, red rosewood, floral willow, red sandalwood, sapele, red oak, white oak, red sandalwood, red shadow, iron knife More than 100 varieties of wood and various tree shrubs.

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