Eyeglasses trading network Xiaobian teach you how to properly maintain glasses

1, when the glasses do not wear, it is best placed in the mirror box. The surface of the lens should not be in contact with hard objects, especially not with the mirror legs pointing upside down and the mirror surface facing down. Convex mirrors used by hyperopia or amblyopia children in particular, the optical center tends to be worn out, and carelessness in using the lens to form a vitreous glass may even cause shape-deprivation amblyopia, which may cause difficulties in the treatment.

2, the lens cleaner is best washed with water, dishwashing detergent used 1-2 drops, washed with water rinse, dry or dry with a soft paper towel.

3. Wipe with a fiber lens wiper for the resin lens. Clean the lens cloth with clean water. Take special care not to use a cloth or a hard cloth.

4, should develop the habit of picking hands, long-term single-handedly picking glasses can cause the frame gradually distorted, resulting in mirror tilt and even the tilt of the two sides of the lens is different, and the mirror shift, there prism effect - affect vision, vision fatigue. Due to the long-term cause, it is not realized, and it worsens vision loss. If the frame is too loose, the optical center may be misaligned with the pupil, resulting in a prismatic effect and causing visual fatigue. In the long run, you are accustomed to skewed glasses. When you change lenses, you may not be able to accept fully qualified glasses. In particular, young students who wear progressive multifocal lenses for preventing and treating myopia and elderly people who need to wear near-glasses should pay more attention to it. The use of progressive multifocal lenses has a close relationship with the specifications of frames. .

5, regular inspection, such as the discovery of frame distortion, damage, should be promptly to the optical shop to ask professionals to repair or correct.

6, the feeling of vision correction is not as good as before, should find the reason, timely re-optometry

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