Experience Day | Don't let imagination bind your body and come here to give you a full range of riding experience!

The 2015 Asian Bicycle Show Day (Demo Day) will be tomorrow, October 8th 9:30-16:30, Nanjing Zhongshan Sports Park, to give you an unparalleled cycling experience! Experience Lines: A road test road and Wuchi Mountain test road. For the different performances of road bikes and mountain bikes, the test day for different models is customized.

On-site CANNONDALE, CUBE, GT, KNOLLY, KHS, LAPIERRE, MERIDA, MARIN, NORCO, OYAMA, PINARELLO, POLYGON, SANTA CRUZ and other big brands of the latest luxury cars for you to test ride, SHIMANO, SRAM, THULE and other classic accessories brands let you study , More emerging smart bike brands take you to appreciate the technology in the riding of the light. Experience the outstanding strength of the latest test-riding vehicle, first-hand experience is yours! The layout of the booth layout is on offer for everyone to look forward to!

There is a very caring wood! Then let Xiao Bian give you one by one! Experience Day・How to enter ✦ Visitors who have already experienced the daily admission ticket: Please exchange the Asian Bicycle Show professional visitor ID in the audience registration area and experience the test day. (PS: If you already have a professional visitor ID number , Please report to staff, print the certificate and redeem the trial rider's ring) ✦ Hold the Asian Bicycle Show Professional Visitor ID or Audience ID number, but no experience day ticket: Please present the audience ID or the audience ID number to exchange for professional visitors After the card, make up the difference of 40 yuan in exchange for wristband admission on the experience day. There are no badges and tickets: Please purchase tickets on site. Tickets will be 80 yuan per person. After you purchase the tickets, you will get a professional visitor badge and a trial rider ring sticker. Taxi: Visitors with the 2015 Asian Bicycle Show can get a direct access to the Experiencing Day, but test rides must be replaced with a test rider's ring. ~ Experience day, event flow shows "Experience Day Ticket" and valid credentials ▼ "The audience landing place ”Fill in the registration form ▼ Exchange the wristband for the experience day ▼ With valid documents and wristbands, exchange experience vehicle or equipment at each exhibitor ▼ After returning the vehicle or equipment, return the badge body. Inspection Dates and Precautions ❂ Wearing helmets requires a helmet to ride safely. The riders who come to experience can bring their own helmets, or they can ask for the exhibitors when they exchange experience vehicles. ❂ On the day of carrying the document experience, be sure to bring a valid certificate (such as: ID card, passport, military ID card, press card, etc.). You need to use a badge for the exchange of experience day wristbands and exchanging experience vehicles or equipment. TIPS: Test rider's attention Oh, we must choose the right line, pay attention to test ride safety ~ so wonderful experience activities, like to ride how can you miss! Anyone who wants to go to the scene noticed that the Asian Bicycle Exhibition had prepared a shuttle bus ~ Experience the day shuttle bus information 南京 Nanjing International Expo Center to the experience day Start point: Nanjing International Expo Center Gate 3 (North Gate) End point: experience day scene (bell Mountain Sports Park), the shuttle bus stops near Furun Zhong Shan. October 7 Departure time: 14:00 October 8 Departure time: 07:00, 10:00, 12:30, 14:30 体验 Experience day scene To the beginning of Nanjing International Expo Center: Experience Day (Zhongshan Sports Park), the shuttle bus stops near the terminal point of Furun Zhongshan: Nanjing International Expo Center Gate 3 (North Gate) October 7 Departure time: 17:30 10 Departure time on the 8th of the month: 08:30, 11:00, 13:30, 17:30 Note: From the north gate of the Nanjing International Expo Center to the experiential day for a one-hour trip in addition to the shuttle bus information, Xiao Bian also prepared to arrive in Nanjing. Zhong Shan Sports Park's most comprehensive public transportation guide Oh ~ good! Nanjing International Expo Center ➩ Zhong Shan Sports Park Subway Metro Line 2 (Direction of Jingtian Road), get off at Yuantong Station, get off at Zhongling Street Station, exit from Exit 1 and walk for about 1.3 kilometers to your destination . The whole journey: 20.1 kilometers, about 1 hour 20 minutes. The whole journey is 28.8 kilometers, about 31 minutes, and it is estimated to be 77 yuan. Nanjing Lukou Airport, Zhong Shan Sports Park Metro Line S1 (Nanjing South Station, Lukou Airport Station, Nanjing South Station) - Subway Line 1 (Maizhai Bridge direction, Xinjiekou lower) - Exit on Subway Line 2 (Jingtian Road) at Zhongling Street Station Exit 1. Walk about 1.3 kilometers to reach your destination. The whole course: 54.8 kilometers, about 2 hours and 50 minutes. Airport Bus Airport Bus Line 1 Get off at Xi’anmen Station, walk 550 meters to Xi’anmen Subway Station, and get off at Subway Line 2 (Jingtian Road) Zhongling Street Station Exit 1 and walk for about 1.3 kilometers to your destination . The whole course: 51.1 kilometers, about 2 hours and 20 minutes. The whole journey is 49.7 kilometers, about 54 minutes, and it is estimated to be 146 yuan. Nanjing South Railway Station, Zhongshan Subway Sports Park Metro Line 1 (Maigao Bridge direction), take the Xinjiekou station, transfer to Metro Line 2 (Jingtian Road direction), Zhong Ling Street Station, exit No. 1. Walk about 1.3 kilometers to reach your destination. The whole journey: 22.9 kilometers, about 1 hour 20 minutes. The entire journey is 18.5 kilometers, about 45 minutes, and it is estimated to be 52 yuan. The Nanjing Railway Station Yongzhong Mountain Sports Park is available for rent for 17.7 kilometers, about 18 minutes, and is expected to be 50 yuan. Looked at this more than ~ small partners get up quickly! On October 8th, Nanjing Zhong Shan Sports Park, Asia Bike Exhibition Day (Demo Day)!

The above content is reprinted from the official 2015 designated partners of the Asia Bike Exhibition official website

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