Evaluation: Yangzi floor simulation solid wood series has fine texture and good appearance

Yangtze flooring is one of the largest wooden flooring manufacturing enterprises in China, with the core main business of research and development, production, sales and service of laminate flooring and laminated solid wood flooring. It has rich professional flooring research and development, manufacturing experience and profound industry. Influence. In 2006, Yangtze Floor officially opened a new industrial park, located in Chuzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, Anhui, China. Yangtze flooring, a national brand welcomed by Chinese household consumers, is a well-known "made in China" in the field of home building materials.

Today, the editor appreciates a simulated solid wood series product for Yangtze flooring. The texture is as delicate and natural as solid wood, with a unique high coefficient wear layer. The wear resistance is much higher than that of solid wood flooring. The 12mm thick design fully reaches solid wood flooring The visual effect is more comfortable. Is it really so magical, let the evaluator lead everyone to see it!

Brand Name: Yangtze Floor

Test series: Simulation solid wood series

Place of Origin: Chuzhou , Anhui

Product specifications: 807 * 127 * 12mm

Test items: length measurement, width measurement, thickness measurement, veneer bearing test, waterproof ability test, wear resistance test, anti-fouling ability test

Evaluation of the first experience

The Yangzi floor simulation solid wood series has eleven products with different styles, textures and patterns, suitable for families with different decoration styles. The mirror surface treatment technology is adopted on the floor surface, which makes the surface of the board smooth and bright. The Yashi style creates a real solid wood visual effect. The editor understands that this series uses innovative and intelligent arc molding technology to achieve wear resistance on the five sides of the floor, and the patterns at the interface are naturally rounded and excessive, ensuring visual continuity.

Evaluation details

1. Length, width and thickness measurement

Length measurement

Width measurement

Thickness measurement

The editor used a tape measure to measure the length, width, and thickness of the Yangzi floor simulation solid wood series, which were 807mm, 127mm, and 12mm, respectively, which met the data on the product specifications with almost no errors.

2. Veneer load bearing test

The editor put a wooden floor over two tables, and there was no space in the middle. A shop assistant weighing 60kg stepped on it. Although the floor was only 12 mm thick, it still steadily withstand the weight of a person. There are no bends.

Three, waterproof ability test

The editor pours a cup of pure water on the seam of the floor and let it stand for about a minute to see if the water stain has penetrated into the floor.

After a minute, the editor discovered that the water stain was basically the same as the effect of just splashing it, and there was almost no penetration. Judging from this, the waterproof performance of this floor is good, and there is no need to worry about the expansion of the floor after absorbing water in a humid environment.

Four, wear resistance test

The wear resistance coefficient of the floor is an important indicator of the quality of the floor. The editor took a one-dollar coin and rubbed it back and forth for more than ten times during the evaluation of the floor surface. Afterwards, it was found that there was almost no trace of wear on the floor surface and it was smooth still.

V. Anti-pollution ability test

The editor found a black oily pen, wrote the three words "this site" on the evaluation floor, and waited for the handwriting to slowly dry up.

A minute later, the editor found a clean rag to wipe the writing, wiped it twice, and there was a touch of writing on the floor.

It doesn't need to be very laborious. The editor wiped it again, the floor surface was clean and new, and the writing was completely invisible.

6. Fire resistance test

Before burning

After burning

Since the floor is made of wood, most people think that the floor is easy to burn, otherwise, the surface of the floor is generally waxed, which increases the flame retardancy of the floor to a certain extent. The clerk lit the paper with a lighter and put it on the floor, burning it for about half a minute, and found that the floor did not have any signs of burning, and after the paper was burnt, there was no trace of carbonization on the floor surface. It can be seen that this kind of floor is still not easy to burn.

Evaluation summary

This Yangzi simulation solid wood series laminate flooring has a simple and elegant appearance, natural and clear texture, and strong solid wood feel; 12mm thick wood base material to ensure the solid wood floor feel; the mirror surface treatment technology on the floor surface makes the board smooth and bright, luxurious Style, thus creating the visual effect of high-end solid wood flooring. This floor is priced at 152.00 yuan / square meter at home mall, and the price is moderate. Friends who like it can go to the mall to choose the suit that suits you.

Appreciation of other products in the series

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