Evaluation: thick jade arrow grid tiles 361 ° real stone series

361° real stone series products - gold silk jade , light stone, thick jade rhyme, full of crystal pure knot texture changes rich, like natural stone, paving the senses are softer. The general white light is looming in the spirit stone, bathing her holy heart and washing away the lead. The golden silk jade, the combination of soft beauty and perseverance, the pure and harmonious display, outlines the perfect picture of natural free and easy, and the unique natural material beauty it displays, highlights the noble and elegant artistic charm.

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This tile is made of high-quality raw materials and scientifically optimized. The layers are rich and vivid, and the colors are vivid and vivid. It creates an artistic effect of smooth glaze, soft luster and delicate texture. The surface of the product has the characteristics of lifelike, three-dimensional, free, low-carbon, etc. The paving effect is full of real stone realm, creating a green and high-quality space for people to bring people a high quality of life.

In the afternoon, the lazy sun shines on the space, adding a lot of color to the space. The tile paving echoes the sofa. The classical and modern sofa and coffee table create an elegant temperament for the space of the hall. The sofa, consistent in color and style, fully reflects the integration of modern humanity and rural charm. The combination of flowers and plants makes the space not dull and boring, the elegant home, the novel style, which greatly highlights the retro grace of the hall, making the whole space more elegant.

Wrigley tiles 361° real stone series [golden silk jade] is very transparent, after choosing to decorate the whole living room or bathroom, make the whole space more three-dimensional, more understated and elegant. When buying Wrigley tiles, consumers can also view the logo behind them and observe the unique patterns.

Wrigley Tiles 361° Real Stone Series [Golden Silk Jade] The length and width of each tile have been strictly controlled to ensure that each piece is uniform in size and not bad. This facilitates a seamless connection between bricks and bricks when laying. After the laying is completed, the overall effect will be fully achieved.

Wrigley tiles 361° real stone series [金丝沁玉] ride weight: Nowadays, there are many kinds of home life, decoration, moving, furniture, etc., there will be many bumps, heavy pressures, squeezes, etc. When the heavy object hits the ground, the first thing to bear is the floor tile. The Wrigley tile 361° real stone series [金丝沁玉] has no deformation when it is tilted by 30 degrees and the weight is increased.

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