Evaluation: Smic glazed brick amber rice is good at making bricks with details

company profile

Shanghai Smick Building Ceramics Co., Ltd. is a Sino-British joint venture established in May 1993. It is the first domestic ceramic tile production and sales service provider, and its products include high-grade vitrified stone and high-grade glazed tiles. It has a registered capital of RMB 418 million and covers an area of ​​about 1,500 mu. It was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in August 2007. We passed IS09002 international certification in 1997, IS09001 and IS014000 international certification in 2003, and CE certification in 2006. More than 30 kinds of ceramic tiles have obtained national patents, and have passed the national "3C certification", which is a "green building material" product qualified by the national authority.

Product advantages

The surface texture of Smic Amber Rice is imitation of natural stone. The color points are different in depth and depth, and it is very layered. At first glance, it seems that the color points are "suspended" in the brick. The surface pattern of the tiles is closely related to the surface treatment technology. Different technologies will create different surface effects.

Product Details

Tile Brand : Smick Tiles

Tile classification: glazed tiles / ceramics

Tile style: simple

Tile size: 300 * 450

Applicable parts: Indoor floor tiles (kitchen and bathroom)

Evaluation items: appearance, details, size

1. Appearance

This tile has a square shape, soft color, streamline texture, natural and visual beauty. Different from the direct white of simple tones, the subtle changes in colors make the whole product look high-end and elegant, no matter which space is used.

Let's take another look at the embryo body of the ceramic tile. The quality of the embryo body is quite good. The raw materials are delicate, the color is whitish and the density is very high. This shows two problems. If it is a poor quality tile, the embryo body will be gray or earthy.

Second, the size measurement

The accuracy of the size is also the standard for testing a tile. If the product is finely made, it will be the same in size. On the contrary, there will be a large difference. We measured it. The side length is the standard 60mm, diagonal The measurement is also very accurate.

3. Flatness test

Whether the tile is flat is directly related to the laying effect. If it is uneven, even if there is a slight difference, it will form a dirt storage point. We will put the tile on a flat ground, and the result is a perfect fit. The four corners fit perfectly to the ground!

Four, density test

The density of the tiles is an important indicator that affects the quality. We tapped the surface of the tiles with the knuckles, and the tiles made a crisp sound, indicating that the density of this tile is very high.

Five, drop resistance test

The tester picked it up and let it go. The tile fell directly to the ground. After the fall, we checked the whole tile and found no damage, no damage to the four corners, and the ability to resist falling is really great.

6. Water absorption test

In general, the low water absorption rate of tiles means that the higher the internal stability of the tiles, the more suitable for spaces with high moisture or moisture content, and no black spots will occur. After a period of time, the water remained on the surface layer and was not absorbed, indicating that the internal stability was particularly high.

Seven, wear resistance test

We used the key to scratch the surface of the ceramic tile without any scratches, indicating that its hardness is still quite satisfactory.

Eight, stain resistance test

Using an oil-based pen to write on the surface of the tile, the assessor can easily wipe it off with a damp rag, and it is very convenient to clean at home without special maintenance.

Evaluation summary: The overall test of the Smic tile M09060KPP0 has been completed. It is an impeccable product in terms of appearance and quality. If you are worried about choosing tiles, you may choose this one.

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