Evaluation: highlight the fashion personality Uniwal Xinwang wallpaper

Uniwal Xinwang Wallpaper (New Auchan.FRE1183) Reasons for selection
Reasons for selection: Uniwal Xinwang Wallpaper (New Auchan.FRE1183) is produced by printing and embossing. The pattern is exquisite, three-dimensional and layered, the color is natural, the flower is accurate, and the wallpaper is touched by hand. It is very textured. This wallpaper has both aesthetic and sound-absorbing effects, soft touch and noble atmosphere, which is very suitable for modern and simple home decoration style. The living room and TV background wall can show the fashionable personality. In addition, this wallpaper has good moisture-proof and anti-fouling properties, which is convenient for the women to take care of.
Uniwal Xinwang Wallpaper (New Auchan.FRE1183) material evaluation

Evaluation results: This wallpaper is made of PVC surface layer and bottom paper by sizing and bonding. After being integrated, it is produced by printing, embossing and coating. Xiaobian carefully observe the wallpaper, the wallpaper has no color difference, dead folds, bubbles, exquisite patterns, three-dimensional layering, natural color, accurate flowers, no missing or reprinted enamel, the back of the wallpaper is pure white, delicate fiber The hand feels smooth, indicating that the paper base is very good. Touch the wallpaper with your hand, the layer solidity and the thickness of the left and right are consistent. Pulling the wallpaper hard with your fingers, even with a lot of effort, is not easy to tear open.

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