Entrance porch wardrobe home storage large space

[ China Wardrobe ] If your house is small, you should learn to use these sites skillfully when you are decorating. You can't waste space or make him look too crowded. In the decoration design, you can carry out some multi-functional design, optimize the layout, make good use of the corners, and learn to grab the "site" with the small space. The porch is the first impression of people on the home. It takes some thoughts to optimize the layout here, so that you can open the door and have a very fresh feeling.

Wardrobe design

The exotic multi-drawer cabinets and mobile trolleys provide maximum convenience.

Home storage

Bright tones and soft decorations can make small spaces come alive.

Wardrobe knowledge

The practical wooden cabinet can not only solve the storage problem, but also reflect the calm character of the owner.

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