ELISA and fluoroquinolones

Holtzapple et al. First treated the carrier protein BSA and ovalbumin OVA with excess ethylenediamine and then carbodiimide method to synthesize cOVA-Sara and cBSA-Sara artificial antigens. Immunize BALB / c mice with cBSA-Sara,

Using cOVA-Sara as the coating source, six monoclonal antibodies were screened, and a Ci-ELISA method for detecting sardfloxacin was established. The IC50 of the standard curve ranged from 7.3 to 48.3ug / kg, the relative standard deviation within the batch was 11.0% (n = 3), the relative standard deviation between batches was 10.8% (n = 3), and the detection limit was 2 ug / kg. The recovery rates of tissue samples at the addition levels of 10 ug / kg, 50 ug / kg, and 100 ug / kg were 132%, 78%, and 81%, respectively. The cross-reactivity data indicate that monoclonal antibodies are highly selective for sardfloxacin.

Duan et al. Prepared a polyclonal antibody to ciprofloxacin and established a Ci-ELISA method for the detection of ciprofloxacin residues. The detection limit was 0.32ng / mL. The relative standard deviations within and between batches were 5.81% and 11.23%, respectively. The recovery rates of ciprofloxacin in pork, chicken and milk were 75.58%, 81.2% and 84.5%, respectively. The cross-reaction rate of antiserum with sinofloxacin was 69.8%, and there was no cross-reaction with chlortetracycline, gentamicin, penicillin, neomycin, olaquindox and sulfonamide. Cai Qinren and others prepared the enrofloxacin monoclonal antibody, and the minimum detection limit of Ci-ELISA was 0.13ng / mL.

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