Diamond Glass's 8th IPO paradise Silicon Valley and other investors get 15 times return (VC 266)

Guangdong King Kong Glass Technology Co., Ltd. will be listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange GEM on the 8th. The issue price is RMB 16.20 per share, and the issue price-earnings ratio is 46.29 times.

It is reported that the number of shares issued this time is 30 million shares, and the total share capital after the issuance is 120 million shares. The total capital raised is 486 million yuan, which will be used for this public offering. The funds raised will be used for high-intensity monolithic cesium potassium Fireproof glass production line technical transformation project, 4 MW solar photovoltaic building integrated module production line project, and other working capital related to the main business.

It is reported that in February 2008, Baoteng Venture Capital, Paradise Silicon Valley Group and its subsidiary Paradise Silicon Valley Hezhong Venture Capital increased its capital by 26 million yuan. Among them, Paradise Silicon Valley Hezhong Venture Capital invested 17.5 million yuan, general manager Bao Xueqing served as a supervisor; Paradise Silicon Valley Group invested 4.25 million yuan, vice president Qiu Zheng served as a director; Baoteng Venture Capital contributed 4.25 million yuan, and general manager Cheng Guo issued a director. Until the listing, Paradise Silicon Valley Group held 4.25 million shares of the listed company, accounting for 3.54% of the total equity after the issuance. Paradise Silicon Valley Hezhong Venture Capital held 17.5 million shares, accounting for 14.59% of the total equity after the issuance. It held 4.25 million shares, which accounted for 3.54% of the total share capital before the issue. Based on the issue price of 16.20 yuan / share, the three virtual book exit returns are Paradise Silicon Valley Group's 68.85 million yuan, Paradise Silicon Valley Hezhong Venture Capital's 28.35 million yuan, Baoteng Venture Capital's 68.85 million yuan, Paradise Silicon Valley Group, etc. All three investors have gained 15.2 times earnings.

King Kong Glass is mainly engaged in the research, development, production and sales of special glass products. The main products are mainly divided into two categories: security glass and photovoltaic building components. They are mainly used in large public construction facilities, and some products are used in special vehicles, ships, and rail transportation industries. .

Zhejiang Paradise Silicon Valley Venture Group Co., Ltd. is a venture capital institution specializing in high-tech industries, mainly engaged in industrial investment and development; venture investment in high-tech enterprises and projects; education investment, providing investment consulting and management, accounting consulting, etc. As of March 2009, the company has a total of 16 corporate funds (including the parent company Silicon Valley Paradise), with management funds of 5 billion. The investment field involves industries such as manufacturing, environmental protection and energy saving, chemical industry, and medicine. He has invested in projects such as Shengyang Power, Baan Water, Qilu Stationery, Jiangtong Animation and so on.

Zhejiang Paradise Silicon Valley Hezhong Venture Capital Co., Ltd. is the sixth newly established fund of Paradise Silicon Valley, which is mainly positioned as "pre-IPO equity investment" (ie PRE-IPO), and the main investment direction is to be listed on the SME board or GEM Of small and medium-sized scientific and technological enterprises with leading positions in market segments. He has invested in Hainan Asia Pharmaceutical, Qiankun and other projects.

Shenzhen Baoteng Venture Capital Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise focusing on private equity investment business, mainly for equity investment in domestic high-growth small and medium-sized enterprises; it can also provide financing planning and investment agency referrals for venture companies; it is a venture capital institution Provide investment advisory services such as project promotion, inspection and evaluation. In addition to the company's own funds, it also initiated the establishment and management of "private equity funds" in the form of limited partnerships.

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