Development of carton machinery industry

With the rapid development of the carton industry, carton machinery companies have also risen. Before the 1970s, carton production equipment was operated by a single machine, and the production efficiency was very low. In the 1980s, some carton companies started to introduce advanced equipment from Japan, corrugated board production lines, water-based printing slotting machines, and round press die cutting machines. , Domestic carton machinery companies began to imitate imported equipment. Due to the high cost of imported equipment from abroad, most of the domestic carton enterprises are unacceptable, which has opened up the market for domestic machinery and equipment companies. However, the development trend of high-speed, high-grade, high-efficiency, and high-tech in the carton machinery and equipment is already clear.

The trend of developing high-grade corrugated production lines The corrugated cardboard production line introduced in the early days of the carton enterprise (in the 80s of the last century) has been used for more than 20 years and must be retired and used to purchase more high-end production lines. Some domestic large and medium-sized carton enterprises have certain economic strength and market competitiveness. They need high-quality, high-grade, high-speed, high-efficiency, and wide-width corrugated paperboard production lines. If domestic machinery enterprises can produce "four high and one wide," they will certainly be carton enterprises. Accepted, due to the great price gap between the domestic line and the import line, the import line does not have a strong economic strength and cannot be afforded, while the domestic line price is relatively low and it is easily accepted by the carton industry. Of course, there is still a certain gap between domestic production lines and international products. These gaps are mainly in terms of structure, speed, material, and processing accuracy. Of course, it is possible to spend 8 to 10 years to catch up with the international advanced level in order to continuously improve research. . Single-faced corrugated units are facing phase-out of single-faced corrugated units. In the 1980s and early 1990s, the single-faced corrugated units started to gain ground. Due to the substitution of stand-alone manual operations, they were adapted to the needs of small and medium-sized carton enterprises, but compared with corrugated cardboard lines, single-faced corrugated units were produced. Compared to the cardboard line, cardboard produced by single-faced corrugated units is soft, of poor quality, and has a large base paper waste. At present, the pattern of "cooperative system-making, decentralized box-making" industry co-operative production has been formed in various places, and single-faced corrugated units are bound to be eliminated. The future direction of the carton machinery and equipment manufacturing industry is to reduce ordinary tile lines and develop medium and high-grade tile lines. Three-layer tile line and five-layer ordinary tile line belong to low-grade products. Due to the slow speed, poor quality, and low grade, they cannot meet the market demand and limit the development of carton enterprises. Some companies use ordinary tile lines for too long, aging equipment must update medium-to-high-end tile lines. Of course, due to economic conditions and sales restrictions, some small and medium-sized enterprises can only purchase ordinary corrugated lines for development and production. In addition, different regions must be treated differently. Carton packaging developed provinces and cities, such as Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and other regions are basically suitable for high-grade tile line. In the western region, the economy is lagging behind, and the packaging industry is also relatively backward. In some provinces, there are no tile lines, relying on single-sided machines to produce cartons, and some provinces and cities in the western regions do not have several production lines. They regard ordinary tile lines as “treasures” and developments. Space. Therefore, ordinary tile lines are also suitable for small and medium carton enterprises and economically backward western regions and cannot be eliminated. However, as a goal of the machinery manufacturing industry, a new generation of high-end, high-speed, and high-quality equipment should be developed for carton-packed areas, and carton machinery should also be developed toward high-tech content.

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