Determination of trimethylammonium bromide by ion chromatography

Cetrimide (Cetrimide) is a surfactant that can be strongly combined with skin, mucous membranes and other tissues, thus having a long-term bactericidal effect. It is mainly used to extinguish skin infections caused by Gram-positive bacteria, and has anti-inflammatory and healing effects on wounds. At present, in some of the plasters or disinfection liquids that are commercially available for antipruritic sterilization, bromotrimethylamine (Cetrimide) is one of the important ingredients. However, Cetrimide is highly irritating. If the content of this ingredient is too high, the plaster or bactericidal solution will directly contact the patient's skin, which will cause severe dermatitis, scaly skin-like skin scaling, redness or burns like chemical agents. Scorch black changes and other symptoms. This article uses a cation chromatography column, sulfuric acid plus acetonitrile eluent, and conductive ion chromatography to determine the content of bromobromotrimethylamine (Cetrimide). The method is simple and fast, and it is suitable for the determination of this component in actual samples.

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