Determination of glyphosate in drinking water by ion chromatograph carbonate eluent system

Glyphosate (molecular formula C3H8NO5P) The chemical name is N-phosphonocarboxymethylglycine, which is highly polar, insoluble in organic solvents, and easily soluble in water. It is a systemic conductive broad-spectrum biocidal herbicide with high efficiency and low The characteristic of poison is the organophosphorus pesticide with the strongest herbicidal activity, which is widely used in agriculture. Glyphosate is more harmful to organisms, and its toxicology is mainly combined with cholinesterase, which can cause excessive nerve excitement, movement disorders, coma, respiratory paralysis, paralysis and even death. The hygienic standard limit of glyphosate in the sanitary standard for domestic drinking water (GB5749-2006) is 0. 7 mg / L. The detection methods of glyphosate in water mainly include spectrophotometry [1], high performance liquid chromatography [2-4], and chromatography-mass spectrometry [5]. At present, the determination of glyphosate in the United States EPA and China ’s standard test method for domestic drinking water (GB5750-2006) uses high-performance liquid chromatography. The method requires post-column derivatization, which requires complex and time-consuming determination steps, unstable products, and derivatization reagents Harmful to human body, not conducive to environmental protection. Ion chromatography is one of the fastest growing analytical techniques in recent years. Literature [6, 7] uses hydroxide eluent system to measure glyphosate in drinking water; literature [8] uses carbonate eluent system to determine glyphosate in drinking water, but this article uses Metrosep ASupp 5 - For the 250 analytical column, the determination of the measured components is completed by increasing the concentration and flow rate of the eluent, which leads to excessive baseline conductance, which affects the detection limit of the method, the saturation of the suppressor, and the leakage of the pipeline caused by high system pressure. According to the physicochemical properties of glyphosate, the optimal conditions of ion chromatography for the determination of glyphosate in drinking water by carbonate eluent system were studied. It is used for the determination of glyphosate in drinking water. The accuracy is good and the results are satisfactory.

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