Create a winter beauty with a charming smile

Girls always want to have a charming face, but also have a natural effect, have the most healthy skin tone, super confident makeup temperament, create a winter beauty , have a charming smile, don't hesitate, come and steal the teacher to learn!

Create a winter beauty with a charming smile

In winter, the little witches not only have to display the power of the big eyes, but also to be silent, the natural false eyelashes can achieve twice the result with half the effort, and the straight eyeliner can bring out the spicy taste with affinity. The eyelashes should also be slightly offset from the end of the eye. After the stickers are applied, the eyeliner will be used for further adjustment and filling.

A faint eye corner, watery eyes, anyone who can see the loss of resistance, use light beige or light brown as the overall tone of the eye makeup, and use the eyeliner to gently outline 1/3 of the lower eyeliner, and finally use The white eyeshadow is painted on the lower part of the eyeball, so that a pair of moist eyes can be built. Go to your boyfriend's experiment.

Used in the winter to use brown smoke, why not choose to represent a healthy orange to change mood, orange eyeshadow, orange blush is the first secret to create natural muscles, use a blush brush to gently brush on the top of the cheekbone Bring it to the temple and use the repair powder to increase the brow shadow, making it easy to create a super-fascinating face.

In the spring-summer show of 2010-2011, the blue & green eye shadow makeup has become a popular fashion makeup, and the peacock blue eyeshadow that is most suitable for oriental women's skin is selected in daily life, just a touch of the eyelid folds. , can bring the effect of transformation, oh, in order to match the gorgeous lip color of the eye makeup is also to choose the cool color system.

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