Comfortable natural rural style decoration

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] Nowadays, when people are decorating their homes, many people like to decorate their homes into a rustic style. The rustic decoration gives a sense of leisure and serenity, enabling people to find a pure land of soul in this busy urban life. The rustic style emphasizes the depiction of nature. The current rural style mainly refers to the European pastoral style, the Korean pastoral style and the American pastoral style. Different rural styles show different natural styles.

European pastoral

farmhouse style

European pastoral style, the design is about the natural return of the soul, giving people a rich atmosphere. Incorporating some fine late accessories into the design style, it fully reflects the comfortable and comfortable living atmosphere pursued by designers and owners. This living room uses a lot of fabrics and ornaments of floral patterns, and the gorgeous contours of European furniture complement the beautiful chandeliers. The walls are not empty, and the murals and decorative vases add a lot to it. Flowers and green plants are also a good embellishment.

Korean pastoral

Home culture

Living room: The living room is a hospitality area. It is generally required to be simple and clear. At the same time, the decoration is brighter and brighter than other spaces. It is usually decorated with a large number of stone and wood veneers.

Bedroom: The bedroom layout of the Korean-style home is warmer. As the owner's private space, the focus is mainly on functional and practical comfort. The general bedroom does not have a ceiling light, and the warm and soft fabric is used to decorate it. It is very uniform in color.

American pastoral

farmhouse style

American pastoralism is a typical representative of the pastoral style, and it is highly praised by people for its natural simplicity and elegant elegance.

There is a rich American pastoral atmosphere everywhere, giving people a sense of calmness while relaxing, and the “extensive” decoration in the room makes people feel relaxed. American pastoral decoration style, the whole style is more coordinated, realizing the owner's yearning for a beautiful home. The overall design is detailed, so that the living room is not only full of natural atmosphere, but also very practical and beautiful.

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