Close to the year, wine bottles do not send vendors to stir fry resources

In the past ten years, it has been better to buy maotai stocks than to make maotai wines. In the past three years, storing maotai wines is not as good as storing liquor bottles...

A 15-year vintage Moutai empty bottle recycling price of 150 yuan, 30 years of wine bottle as much as 700 yuan, Hennessy Richards new version of the bottle 1500 yuan, the old version of the bottle 1000 yuan, 1982 Rafi bottle recycling price also Reached 1,000 yuan. Close to the year, reporters found that the number of smoke hotels in the streets, with the increase in demand for holiday high-end alcohol consumption, not only the price of alcohol has risen, but also the price of empty bottles of these high-end wines has risen. An empty bottle of high-end wine can sometimes sell for 2,000 yuan. Wineries say that they do not recycle empty bottles. Where do these bottles go? What hides behind the high-priced recycling bottle is the “windfall” benefit chain of fake wine.

Survey 1 Moutai empty bottle most popular

"How much of this high-end bottle I receive, if it is a complete set of high-grade wine bottles such as packaging boxes, anti-counterfeit, etc., the purchase price can be higher." Yesterday morning, when reporters were the identity of a bar operator, A Mr. Xu, who specializes in the recycling of high-grade bottles, received such a reply when asked. Why can the recycling price of these empty bottles reach thousands of dollars? Who is recycling these expensive bottles? Where did the recycled bottle go?

“Most recently acquired Maotai vintages and foreign wines, such as empty bottles of Louis XIII, Hennessy Richards, etc.” said Mr. Ma, who specializes in recycling high-end bottles at a smoke hotel on Qinghai Road. In the survey, the reporter learned that many people who recycle empty bottles are clearly priced on Maotai Vintage Wine Bottles and high-end wines. In liquor, Wuliangye, Shuijingfang and other famous wines and bottles all have the acquisition market, but the recycling prices are not as high as Moutai.

Survey 2 empty bottles prices rose faster than wine

The price of a bottle of Maotai's 15-year vintage bottle is almost accompanied by rising prices. “In the past few years, the 15-year-old Maotai vintage wine bottle with a good packaging and packaging value was worth 70-80 yuan. It went up to 1,670 yuan last year. The current price is 200 yuan and the price has almost tripled. This is even greater than the rise in liquor itself,” said a person familiar with the recycling of empty bottles for many years.

The reporter found that it is not a famous wine bottle that can sell a good price. The appearance of the bottle is complete, whether it is damaged or not, and it is almost “new”. These requirements are the criteria for measuring the low price of high prices. "If the bottle label paper is damaged, I will not accept it." Mr. Ma said that recently Maotai is very scarce, so the recovery needs of empty bottles are also more, prices have risen to varying degrees. Waiting until the Spring Festival, it is expected to rise again. It may be that one empty bottle will rise by one or two hundred dollars.

The reporter falsely claimed that the existing 20-bottle Moutai 15-year vintage and 10-bottle Rafi bottle were for sale, and asked Mr. Ma for a quotation. He immediately gave a quotation of the most recyclable premium bottles: Louis XIII: 1,500 yuan/set; the old version: 1,000 yuan/piece; Hennessy Richards: 2,000 yuan/piece, old 1500 yuan /; 15 years Maotai: 150 yuan / month, 30 years Maotai: 700 yuan / month; 50 years Maotai: 2000 yuan / month.

“The packaging is intact and the anti-counterfeiting coating is not scratched. The price can also be negotiated. If the quantity is large, the goods can be received at the above door.” Mr. Ma said that they are generally reluctant to promote their business. At present, there are a number of professional buyers of high-grade liquor and wine bottles in the society. Empty bottles with prices of up to several hundred thousand yuan have a relatively fixed collection channel. “A bottle of Maotai for a 50-year vintage will have a recycling price of around 2,000 yuan. It will take one bottle a week and earn one million a month.” The manufacturer responded without recycling the bottle business.

On January 21, the reporter contacted Maotai, Yanghe, Wuliangye and other manufacturers. The staff members stated that the company did not recycle old bottles. A Maotai dealer located on Minjiang Road stated that the manufacturer did not recycle empty bottles. The dealer also stated at the same time, “We recommend that consumers cut off the bottle's mouth when drinking, so that the bottle will not be used again.”

Manufacturers do not recycle bottles. Is the supplier responsible for recycling? All suppliers indicated that they did not recycle. A staff member at the Jiujia Jiuwen Second Store stated that the wine they sold never recovered the bottle. "Compared to high-grade bottles, it is made of crystals. If guests do not, it is also a good idea to put collectibles in the shop."

News extension real bottled liquor is difficult to distinguish

Where did these recycled premium bottles go? “After these bottles were recycled, most of them were used to hold fake wines.” Liu Zhiyuan, who worked at a winery in Sichuan for five years, revealed. “False bottled fake wine is easy to distinguish, but the real wine bottled low-grade wine or fake wine, drinkers do not drink at all. The bottle is real, security coating has not been altered, and even the manufacturers are not aware of This is why the high-end empty bottle market has so much demand."

“There is also an emphasis on counterfeit wines. Counterfeiters generally infuse low-end or fake wines in high-end bottles and sell them at branded liquor prices. For example, fake wines packed in maotai bottles must be loaded. Maotai based blending liquor. The 'Moutai Prince' and 'Maotai Yingbin' sold on the market are raw materials for fake Maotai." The person familiar with the matter said.

The insider gave the reporter an account. Taking the “appreciation trajectory” of an ordinary Maotai bottle as an example, the counterfeiter bought from the bottle-holder about 40 to 50 yuan, plus a bottle of “Moutai Prince” or “Moutai Ying” for around fifty yuan. Bin" constitutes the cost of a bottle of fake Maotai. The wholesale price of such a bottle of maotai in the market is close to 1,000 yuan, and there is a tenfold difference between fake wine and real wine. If it is vintage, the profits are even more astonishing.

Visit hotel and bar: There is someone recycling

According to informed sources, some large bar nightclubs, chain hotels, and empty bottles that customers drink are all recycled by fixed companies. Under normal circumstances, it is more difficult for another company to recycle these bottles. The reporter investigated the three large bars and chain hotels in the city as high-end empty wine bottle acquirers.

"Empty bottles like Louis XIII, Hennessy, Remy Martin and other high-end wines are all recovered by the wine producers. Before that, some people called and asked if there were any high-end wine bottles sold." Located on the Yanle Island Road The manager of a bar’s marketing department said that for high-end wine bottles, they have strict records. If these bottles break or are taken away by guests, they will all have a record of loss. “But the price of bottles like vodka is low, so don’t recycle them and throw them away.”

The other two bars also stated that their bottles had already had fixed recyclers and rejected reporters' intention to recycle. One of the staff of the bar told the reporter, “We are responsible for the recycling of the wines we supply here. The bar sells about 200 to 300 bottles a day on average, but it mainly uses foreign wines and does not sell liquor.”

Small bar: Wuliangye bottle can sell 30 yuan

A person in charge of a small bar in Jiangxi Road said that empty bottles were handed over to the wine merchants for processing. “If anyone in the high-end empty bottle is willing to pay a high price, we will also sell it.” As for how to explain it to the wine merchant, the person in charge said, “It can be said that it was broken or taken away by the guests.”

Mr. Cai, the on-duty manager of a high-end seafood restaurant on Hong Kong’s Middle Road, said, “Customers come here to dine, and most of the drinks will be liquor, red wine or beer. There are very few guests who brandy, which is commonly known as 'marine wine'.” The recycling of empty bottles, the manager said that the company is all in a contract with a company, so they will not accept other companies to collect wine bottles during the contract period. When the reporter asked where the bottle went after recycling, how much was the recycling price, the other party refused to disclose it.

Smaller bars and restaurants are not the same. The manager of a small restaurant revealed that at present, their wine bottles, such as empty bottles of Wuliangye, sell for about 30 yuan, and other brands of red wine bottles with cork also have about ten yuan. "We do not have a fixed recycler. Whoever sells the high purchase price is sold to whom."

Recyclers: Our business covers the whole country

The reporter searched for "wine bottle recycling" on the website and there were many related pages. The recyclers left behind the scope and contact information of the bottles. The reporter got in touch with a lady named Tang. “What wine bottle do you collect here?” “Wine bottles from home and abroad have been collected, and domestic wine bottles with 15 years, 30 years and 50 years have been recycled in the country. Louis XIII, Hennessy and Richard, Rafi is the mainstay," said Ms Tang. “Our business is all over the country, but we need a full set of bottles, including certificates, crystal heads, and coding.”

The reporter also got a quotation for all kinds of bottles from Ms. Tang: Louis XIII new edition: 1800 yuan/piece, old version: 1200 yuan/piece; Hennessy Richards new version: 2200 yuan/piece, old version 1700 yuan/ , Maotai 15 years: 210 yuan / month, Maotai 30 years: 1,100 yuan / month; 50 years: 2,500 yuan / month. From the point of view of the quotation, Ms. Tang’s offer is 60-500 yuan more per bottle than Mr. Ma’s offer. She told reporters: "There is no problem with the logistics company's transportation. However, before the goods are on the go, it is not a wine bottle. It is a fragile product like glass. It certainly will not be a problem."

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