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It is understood that China's home furnishing industry is mainly distributed in the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta, Bohai Rim, and Sichuan Province, but it is mainly operated in a natural way. The degree of industrial concentration is low, and the links between the upstream and downstream of the industry chain are not tight, which has lifted the entire industry. Cost, coupled with factors such as the complexity of the circulation, China's home furnishing industry is in an embarrassing situation of "low-level repetition, small-scale roundabout", it is difficult to make it bigger and deeper.

At present, China's property market has become a trend of “price-for-value”, which has driven more and more needs to enter the market. The steady increase in price will promote the healthy and healthy development of China's real estate industry. It can be seen that squeezing out the foam components in the false high price and taking the price advantage as the guide is the only rule to quickly seize market share.

The bubble in China's home furnishing industry is mainly due to the low concentration of industries and the intricate circulation of circulation. As the saying goes, "To get rich, build roads first", and to go out of home "Made in China", it is necessary to have a channel that runs through both home and abroad. Chongqing Xiangjiang Home Chongqing Xiangjiang Home has built a new business model of the factory headquarters group by integrating the advantages of traditional Chinese homes. It is like a strong black horse, leading the western and even global home furnishing brands to stand out and become the focus of the world's home furnishing industry. The new version of global home is now at the forefront. With innovative thinking, Xiangjiang completely overturned the traditional market structure and created a new way for the development of China's home furnishing industry.

The huge transaction volume brought by the huge scale of the Chinese home high-speed rail "Xiangjiang" is the strength foundation with the right to price and has absolute authority. The “Made in China” home has won the priority in the international trade competition, and it has broken through the trade barriers and quickly penetrated into the mainstream consumer markets of the world.

â–  Convention Center, global release

China's home culture has a long history, profound and profound, full of Chinese art wisdom and aesthetic philosophy, and is an important part of Chinese civilization. However, in the world-famous Milan and Gaodian International Furniture Fair, it is occasional to find the original Chinese furniture, at most as a non-mainstream "garnish", to reconcile the appetite of the mainstream home industry.

This is obviously an extremely passive situation for the Chinese home furnishing industry. To let the Chinese home culture go out and re-lead the world's home furnishing style, we must focus on anti-customer, while paying attention to cultural output while exporting trade. As the most comprehensive information exchange platform in the global home furnishing industry, Home Show has always been a place where designers and experts from all over the world yearn for it, and it is also a highland for all brands and industry buyers.

Chongqing Xiangjiang Home takes the exhibition as a breakthrough, and builds a 365-day never-ending home show with the help of the global home trading distribution platform. It is committed to promoting the convection upgrade of global home brands and cultures, and at the same time building a docking international release for the home “China Creation”. T-stage and rising ladder.

The high-end integrated platform of the complete industrial chain and the “zero channel” absolute advantage of the factory headquarters wholesale bring a huge price advantage and the fastest new product listing to Xiangjiang. It is like a never-ending “World Expo”, a collision between classics and innovation. The new frontiers of home and art that are integrated with art and environmental protection are constantly slamming the eye of the market. The blending of Chinese classical and modern home culture, through the Xiangjiang exhibition, quickly penetrated into the lives of people around the world.

In the past, Chinese manufacturers smashed their heads to participate in international exhibitions such as Milan, Gaodian and Cologne. Now they are from the home industry associations and manufacturers' representatives from Southeast Asia, Europe and even Africa. They are coming from Hong Kong to cooperate with Xiangjiang as their new product in China. A must-release center for listing.

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