Children's room bedroom wood furniture purchase common sense security for

Children's furniture is a daily consumer durable product. It is used for children whose body is not yet mature and has poor self-control ability. The quality of children's bedroom furniture is directly related to children's health. Consumers should pay special attention to the following when purchasing. What time is it:

First, to a regular furniture store of a certain size to purchase a regular brand of products, to issue a formal invoice, and ask for product manuals and warranty cards, in order to negotiate quality problems, legal rights can be effectively guaranteed.

Second, while considering the aesthetic appearance of children's furniture, it is also necessary to consider the safety of the product. Whether there are sharp corners of some geometrical components will cause people to pay attention; in addition, the height and length of the baffle of the high-rise children's bed and the safety of the escalator should be fully taken care to ensure that children do not fall down when using; children's chair The stability should also be taken seriously.

Third, we should attach great importance to the problem of whether the harmful substances in wooden children's furniture exceed the standard, especially whether the amount of formaldehyde released exceeds the standard, and the supplier should be required to provide proof of product inspection.

Climbing Play Equipment

By playing climbing play equipment, climbing help build gross and motor skills, perceptual motor skills such as body awareness, spatial awareness and directional awareness, and sharpening visual perception skills.

Climbing is one of the seven elements of play needed in a park or playground area.  

Our rope climbing equipment offers multiple design options and endless possibilities for customization. These net rope structures are specially designed for playgrounds that encourage physical play and development. 

Also known as Space nets, this Playground Equipment can be designed in many ways for a variety of purposes, including park our courses, domes, spheres, Loops and more.

Climbing Play Equipment

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