CHEP launches new RFID triple tag

At the 7th CGCSA/ECR-SA conference held recently, CHEP released the company’s latest RFID triple product label, which is compatible with RFID electronic codes, barcodes, and human eye identification codes.

The new label has several functions: readability of multiple codes (RFID electronic coding, bar code, and visual identification code), companies can selectively install RFID readers at different supply chain points; comply with EPC Global Standards; readable and writable function, with memory function, customers can temporarily record product-related information, or permanently record the CHEP asset information; a unique packaging form can protect the label from external interference (such as metal and moisture); Optimize the readability of tags to standard EPC readers; color and high-quality symbol printing can clearly identify tags.

CHEP will use this innovative label for the first time in its U.S.-based medium bulk container (IBC) business.

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