Cambridge experts say girls often play with dolls or influence future career choices

According to the French "Parisian" quoted by Agence France-Presse on September 4, Athena Donald, a professor of experimental physics from the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom, said that girls should play with fewer dolls and more contact with most boys' favorite toys. Such as building blocks, various models, etc., can help girls improve their creativity. Donald said that it is necessary to change the educational mindset of boys and girls that is used to it, and now what to think about is what can be done to give them the best help.
The influential scientist in the industry also believes that choosing toys is crucial for children's growth. While choosing the type of toys for boys and girls, it is also affecting the social behavior of them after they grow up.
Donald added that in general, girls' toys tend to be more passive, such as grooming Barbie , and toys like Lego bricks and combo-assembled models can enhance children's imagination and creativity.
Donald mentioned that the proportion of female students in her own research field is not high, so she believes that the choice of childhood toys may even affect women's future career choices. (Internship Compilation: Wang Mengyu's Review: Wang Lilan)

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