Bone wood eye gel dress up you

Dai Wei's favorite elderflower eye gel

Elderberry is a precious plant that can be used as a medicine. The flowers and fruits of elderberry have been used for thousands of years. The elderberry flower and fruit juice contains a variety of complex ingredients including anthocyanidins, the main components of which are invert sugar, fruit acid, tannic acid, vitamin C and bioflavonoids, anthocyanidins and traces of natural essential oils. .

Its texture is transparent and gives off a hint of plant fragrance. The braided eye gel is not sticky and is particularly cool to use. It is especially effective for improving dark circles and edema. It can quickly eliminate your panda eyes and make your eyes look stunned, even if you stay up late! So especially suitable for love online, love to sleep MM Oh!
This bone-and-eye glue is also a kind of eye gel that Diana Wang Hao likes very much during his lifetime. It is also one of the best products sold by The Body Shop! Many foreign fashion magazines have recommended it many times

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