Be careful! There is a special population should not take antler

The antler is the stag's tender horn. When it is not grown into a hard bone, it is velvety and contains blood. It is a valuable traditional Chinese medicine, used as a nourishing and strong agent, and has curative effects on weakness and neurasthenia. But not all people are suitable for eating antler.

There are three treasures in the northeast, ginseng, velvet antler, and ursula. The antler has always been a valuable tonic. However, although the antler is supplemented, it cannot be eaten casually. Some people should not eat antler . What are the people who should not eat antler ?

There are clouds in the ancient poems: "The tail scorpion can't help but smash the sea, and the nine turns of the lingan are slow to talk; only the zebras are on top of the beads, which can make up the jade hall." The so-called "spotted dragon top beads" in the poem refers to the antler. It means that people's energy is over-consumed, and the treatment with medicinal herbs is slow. Only the tender angle on the deer's head can make up the virtual body. Everyone knows that the Bucks will have a long horn when they reach a certain age. When they are first born, they are tender and spring-like. The slender hair on the surface is antler. The tender angle grows slowly and gradually ages into antlers, and the hairs fall off.

There are five groups of people who should not take antler :

First, there are "five upset hot" symptoms, yin deficiency;

Second, often nosebleeds, or women's menstrual flow, blood red, red tongue pulse, performance is bloody people;

Third, in the event of a cold, a person with a headache, stuffy nose, fever, chills, cough, and other evils;

Fourth, urinary yellow red, dry throat or dry pain, from time to time to feel polydipsia and have internal heat symptoms;

Fifth, there are people with high blood pressure, dizziness, unstable walking, pulse glare and anger and liver.

The antlers currently on the market are mainly produced in the northeastern sika antlers and the northwestern antlers. The red deer horn is large, but the medicinal quality plum antlers are higher. The antler has different specifications such as "two bars" and "three bars". The antlers that are sawed are all cylindrical, with one branch called "two bars" and two branches that become "three bars." Most consumers buy processed velvet lobes for easy consumption. Chinese medicine said that antler is old, it is antlers, so consumers should choose tender antler when buying velvet velvet tablets. The color around velvet velvet tablets is white or grayish white, and the quality of tamarind or grayish yellow in the middle is better. When taking velvet tablets, the dosage is 1-2g. The velvet medicinal herbs or velvet stalks are crushed to the end, and then blunt, or the velvet tablets can be placed in the mouth, or medicated wine. The antler contains active ingredients and is not resistant to high temperatures, so it is generally not fried in soup.

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