Automatic quantitative powder packaging machine with air inducer

The utility model relates to an automatic quantitative powder packaging machine with a wind introduction device. It can be widely used in the packaging of powdered products such as special food milling, beverage processing, ultra-fine materials, cement, and chemical industries. It comprises a frame assembly 1, a bin 8, a mixer 9, upper and lower screw conveyors 6, 5 and a weighing device 2, the upper part of the rack assembly, the screw of the mixer and the upper screw conveyor 7 The upper and lower transverse devices are in the material box, and the lower screw conveyor is placed under the screw of the upper screw conveyor. The feed port is connected with the discharge port of the upper screw conveyor, which is characterized by the discharge of the lower screw conveyor. The duckbill 3 is provided with a suction dust suction port 4, and the suction dust suction port is connected with a wind introduction device 27. This machine can draw out the air that is flushed into the bag in a timely manner so that the powder can enter the bag smoothly.

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