Anaerobic incubator to be used with a nitrogen unit

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How to properly install the anaerobic incubator:
1. The anaerobic incubator should be placed in a position with small temperature difference and convenient operation. Avoid direct sunlight and away from heating equipment, and place it smoothly;
2. Place the gas cylinder and nitrogen bottle in a stable position, and install the pressure reducing valve (including pressure gauge) separately and place it in the proper position;
3. Connect the gas path and check the gas path. In order to prevent air leakage, if necessary, seal the glue at each joint;
Use (a) operating room anaerobic environment formation:
1. Place the necessary accessories and utensils according to the requirements of use, and put two non-toxic plastic bags into the operation room;
2. Turn on the light through the power supply, turn on the temperature controller, adjust the required temperature and safe temperature;
3. Place 1000g palladium pellets (closed) and 500g desiccant in the operating room and put in the Meilan indicator (closed);
4. Close the sampling indoor and outdoor doors and vacuum check;
5. The first replacement in the operating room (nitrogen replacement):
A. First insert the rubber inlet into the air inlet of the operation room and insert the other end into the plastic bag;
B. Turn on the nitrogen inlet, open the nitrogen control valve 1, make the two plastic bags full of nitrogen, close the valve 1, and then tighten the bag mouth;
C. Put the latex gloves on the flange of the observation plate and tighten them;
D. Put the nitrogen in the plastic bag into the operating room until it is completely discharged.
6. The second replacement of the operating room (nitrogen replacement) repeats the nitrogen filling process. The sampling chamber is first evacuated, and the exhaust is opened and closed with the foot switch at any time.
7. The third replacement of the operating room (mixed gas replacement): (mixed gas ratio is N2 85%, H2 10%, CO2 5%)
A. Change the air path to open the air intake valve 3 intake air. When inflating, the sampling chamber first draws a vacuum, and at any time, use the foot switch to open and close the exhaust;
B. After the mixed gas is filled in the plastic bag, turn off the mixed gas valve, and open the valve 5, so that the mixed gas passes through the flow meter, adjust the flow meter, and the flow rate is about 10 ml per minute;
C. Gradually discharge the mixture in the plastic bag into the operating room;
D. After three times of air exchange, the oxygen content of the gas in the operating room is already in a very small amount.
8. Open the deoxidizing agent in the operating room, turn on the deoxygenation catalyst power supply for catalytic deoxygenation, and open the Meilan indicator (Meilan bottle) to observe the discoloration after one hour. surroundings;
9. Open the UV sterilization lamp and sterilize it indoors. The sterilization time is determined according to the specific experiment.
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