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As one of the world's largest and most prestigious top industrial design competitions, the "Red Dot Award" has a 50-year history and is a vane of industrial trends and development trends. In the entire process design industry, the "Red Dot Design Award" is a sign of design quality and is known as the "world's top design crown". It is such a top honor that was won by Anmeng with the reincarnation series leader. Everyone must be curious as to what kind of product can actually go so far in the industry. Next, let's take a look at the Anmeng 4186 reincarnation series basin faucet with the reporter!

Evaluation time September 19th Assessment location Anmeng Nanping Red Star Macalline Home Plaza 1F8002-8003 Evaluation brand Anmeng products (Anmeng leading Anmeng price Anmeng forum (Anmeng leading Anmeng price Anmeng price Anmeng price Anmeng forum (Anmeng faucet Anmeng price Anmeng forum (Anmeng faucet Anmeng price Anmeng forum) evaluation product Anmeng 4186 reincarnation series basin faucet main material pure copper product price

1106 yuan

Product preview:

Evaluation details:

1. Design

1. Simple design and rich sense of design

Anmeng 4186 reincarnation series basin faucet has a unique appearance, which is different from the general faucet design. It is inspired by the shape of industrial piping. The faucet adopts a tapered base design, which increases the installation contact surface, and the visual feeling is more balanced than the ordinary. It's extremely simple and stylish, and it has a strong sense of design. The shape is very modern and the technology is full.

The leading material is high-quality pure copper, low lead and healthy. The outer layer of the faucet adopts multi-layer electroplating technology. After salt spray test, it has super corrosion resistance and is not easy to wear. In addition, the product adopts advanced coating technology, the luster is pleasant, and it is as new as ever. After such strict processing, even if it is in a wet bathroom for a long time, it has super corrosion resistance, no foam, no detachment, and no deformation.

[Tips]: Ordinary imported faucets have a coating of more than 10 microns, the purpose is to prevent rust, beautiful, and guarantee the use period. Press the surface of the faucet with your finger when selecting, and the fingerprint will quickly disperse, indicating that the coating is good; the more the fingerprint is printed, the worse it will be.

[Evaluator's Tips]: It is recommended that the owner ask the manufacturer to provide quality assurance of the surface coating when buying the faucet. When selecting, the light, no bubbles, no defects, and no scratches are qualified standards.

[Small knowledge]: The surface of the general faucet will be chrome-plated, but it is also chrome-plated, and the process is very different. The column of all copper or copper alloy must be polished, polished, dedusted, nickel-plated, chrome-plated, etc. During use, it will not turn black and the bubbles will fall off. In general, the naked eye can see that the brighter and more delicate the surface of the faucet, the better the plating process.

2. One-handed one-way cold and hot water control

Anmeng 4186 reincarnation series basin faucet is worth mentioning is different from the previous water transfer method, one-handed one-way cold and hot water control completely reformed the traditional way. I do n’t know if my friends at home have this experience. The elderly or children at home ca n’t tell the direction of the hot and cold water no matter how they are taught when using the faucet, so that the hot and cold water will often "boom" out. If the cold water is okay, the hot water will easily burn the hands of the elderly and children, which is inhumane.

The one-handed one-way control of hot and cold water completely avoids the difficulty of operation. The transition from blue to red is slow, the operation is simple and convenient, and there will never be a situation where cold and hot water comes out of the brain, which is very user-friendly. And the red and blue indicator interface uses advanced in-film transfer technology to ensure that it will never fade from wear.

3. Unique ergonomic design

Anmeng 4186 reincarnation series basin faucet no matter the rotation of the handle, the angle of the water outlet, has reached an ideal way. The position of the handle is based on ergonomics. After tens of thousands of experiments and demonstrations, the position of the handle is inclined 15 degrees upward in the right hand direction. The size and texture of the handle hand wheel are in line with the feel of most people. The reporter tried it by hand, and the feel is indeed the same Different.

4. Perfect water angle design

The water outlet angle of the faucet of the Anmeng 4186 reincarnation series basin faucet is also the most perfect water outlet angle. While respecting humanity, it is also convenient for processing operations such as mold making.

You can see that the faucet does not have an independent outlet, but has a faucet on the side. The staff introduced that the outlet at this angle is the most perfect faucet, so users will praise this faucet design and general faucet without a drainage tube. Same control.

2. Disassembly evaluation:

Finally, it's the exciting disassembly part. For the basin faucet, the ceramic spool is the most important and the heart of the faucet. In order to allow netizens to better see the internal structure of the faucet, Xiaobian disassembled the new faucet and looked at it. Although it hurts a bit, in order for netizens to better understand this product, Xiaobian had to endure the pain of "demolition". Too.

1. Spanish Circuit Ceramic Spool

The valve core is also a very important component. A good valve core is made of ceramic with extremely high hardness, which is smooth, wear-resistant, and prevents running and dripping. According to reports, this single-handle luxury shower three-function faucet by Anmeng Sanitary Ware is Adopt Spanish circuit ceramic spool. Sturdy and durable, the surface of the chip is polished, smooth like a mirror, and then coated with a special lubricating coating, thus achieving frictionless operation, which can be opened and closed more than 500,000 times without water leakage. The sealing ring is made of non-toxic silicone, which is smooth and environmentally friendly.

[Tips]: The Spanish circuit ceramic valve core can ensure stable control of water flow under various water quality and temperature conditions and the chip is not easily affected by temperature, has good wear resistance, and uses non-toxic protective lubrication inside the product Agent to make the control spool operate smoothly for a long time, and there is no noise when adjusting the water speed.

2. Constant current bubbler

This faucet net is different from the ordinary faucet, which has a unique faucet bubbler device. The bubbler can soften the water flow to eliminate or reduce splashing. With this faucet, the water flows through the seven-layer filter, and it flows out as bubble water instead of columnar water. The water flow is soft and soothing, splash-proof and noise-proof, while saving water and environmental protection. This water flow device can not only play some resistance to high water pressure, but also control its working noise and prevent faucet sewage from being sucked back.

The bubbler of this faucet in Anmeng Sanitary Ware can adjust the direction of water flow by pressing the mesh piece of the water outlet. The tester tried it by hand. It is indeed very convenient.

Evaluation summary

Anmeng 4186 reincarnation series basin faucet is simple in shape and full of design sense. The one-handle one-way cold and hot water control has revolutionized the traditional way. The angle of the handle is inclined (15 degrees). Design, when the water pressure exceeds 0.3MPa, the water output of the bubbler is constant, reducing noise and preventing splashing. In addition, the hot and cold temperature indication interface processed by the product in-mold transfer technology is easy to identify and never fade. The tapered base design increases the contact surface and takes care of visual balance while giving a stable visual cue. The only shortcoming is that the price is a little bit more expensive, but with its many awards, it is still worth investing.

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