Agilent LC / MS mass spectrometry maintenance handout. Part1

Agilent 1100HPLC / MSD daily maintenance and fault diagnosis 1. Instrument structure overview 2.1100HPLC daily maintenance 3.1100HPLC fault diagnosis 4. Quadruple / Trap MSD daily maintenance 5.1100HPLC / MSD fault diagnosis 6.100HPLC / MSD startup, standby, shutdown notes Support and service process

Model LE.CP.024
Feature Fire resistance, wear resistance, weather resistance
Application landscape, roofgarden, residence, villa
Fiber Material PE
Dtex 8000
Stitches/10cm 17/10cm+(-)3%
Backing PP+non-woven
Pile height 22mm+(-)1mm
Gauge 3/16"
Color 1-tone
Roll width 2-4m
Roll length 25mm
Packing PE fabrics
Stitches/SQM 21000+(-)3%
Wrranty 6-7years


Artificial Turf

Artificial Turf Grass, Artificial Turf for Homes, Synthetic Artificial Turf, Fake Grass Mats

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