91m2 small three-bedroom renovation large open: magical wardrobe expansion

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] Customized wardrobes have become more and more popular among consumers in recent years. The advantage is that they can meet the space requirements and can be customized. The following is the whole process of designing and installing a custom closet for a small apartment.

First, the type of information:

Building area: 91m2

Resident population: 2

City of residence: Guangzhou

Description of the unit: 91 square meters just need a small three-bedroom, the master bedroom floats the window and looks at the garden;

House type renderings:

Wardrobe knowledge

Second, the owner's custom needs:

1 The wardrobe is installed on the wall opposite the bay window. It needs a 1.8m wide and 2.75m high to make the wardrobe with the ceiling high.

2 Because the owner is a post-80s office worker, there are certain requirements for the wardrobe style, and the hope is retro vintage + fashion edge style.

3 Because our home is a small apartment, the bedroom space is not large, the interior function of the wardrobe is required to be practical, and the inside mirror is included.

Wardrobe design

Bedroom closet

Third, the designer's ideas:

1 Since the installation position of the wardrobe is at the entry point, there is more space above the door frame, and a cabinet ceiling can be added.

This allows you to take full advantage of the space in a small apartment and store large items such as quilts.

2 Considering that Guangzhou has a long summer, there are more girls' thin clothes, and the owner's wardrobe has a lot of stacking areas. In the bottom layer, to prevent moisture and dust, a drawer area is provided.

3 built-in mirrors in the closet, corner design can be placed in small items such as bottles and cans, and play the role of a dressing table.

4 wardrobe overall style is a calm retro style, classic and versatile reddish brown, with the British atmosphere of the rhombic louver door, low-key yet stylish, very in line with the hostess's aesthetic taste.

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