5 kinds of versatile make-up wear are OK

This season, the color is not only overflowing in the clothing, but also on the face to exude vitality, fashion and make-up is originally Twins. Boldly play color games to create your own personal style, whether it is dressed as a girl in travel, or a rebellious girl in Paris... as long as you like, everything can be.

Pink smoked + nude blush = fruit goddess

Fruit color dress

Pink smoked + nude blush = fruit goddess

Fashion Focus: The food stalls with vegetables and fruits are used as background to highlight the original beauty of nature. Prairie dresses, marine dresses, and strawberry dresses perfectly illustrate the simple concept of “simple is beautiful”.

Create keywords: retro, natural.

With makeup: nude makeup is the biggest test for the contours, even the blush is best to choose the nude color series, used to modify the three-dimensional sense of the base makeup. Bright and pink color, the eye makeup instantly jumps out on the innocent cheeks.

Perfect eye makeup to create products:

Maybelline eye shape 璀璨 diamond eye shadow 79 yuan

The special fine research technology, the ultimate delicate powder, easy to highlight the three-dimensional eye level, lasting light like the first makeup. It also contains 璀璨 sparkling particles to create a diamond-like crepe.

Maybelline eye shape lasting eyeshadow 69 yuan

Smooth creamy texture: easier to color, combined with unique shiny pearlescent particles, the makeup is more natural and more suitable. Long-lasting formula: Refuse to smudge, shine, long-lasting, no makeup, no creases, no need to make up all day. Long-lasting waterproof formula: At any moment, the color is shining, it can also be used as an eye shadow primer to make the subsequent eye shadow effect last longer and brighter.

Long narrow eyeliner + pink lip = girl in travel

Tube top skirt + bottoming shorts

Long narrow eyeliner + pink lip = girl in travel

The focus of fashion: Italian style, enthusiasm, unrestrained, and exaggerated Moschino style, funny and playful, while the two designers are also very childlike, from time to time to integrate cartoon elements. The gorgeous pink color shines in this season, the design of the tube top skirt is very youthful, with shorts, the vitality of the spring travel girl is blowing.

Create keywords: playful, eyeliner makeup.

With makeup: the eye-catching eyeliner painting, the star-browed sword, the eyeliner angle is flat, the eyebrows are long, the wide black brush strokes make the eyes magnified and stunned, and the tail of the eye is like the curvature of the skirt when the wind is blown. Beautiful is not true. The whiteness of the lower eyelids is crisp and neat. The blush and lipstick are chosen to be the same color of the rose color, and the creamy texture reflects the girl's flawless muscle.

Eye makeup products:

MaxFactor silky and durable eyeliner 88 yuan

Soft and comfortable texture, even for those wearing invisible eyes. A variety of colorful black, olive, green, brown, and ice blue colors can be used to create different eye makeup effects. Convenient and convenient automatic rotation design, freely outline the lines of mind, eliminating the trouble of your planing pen. It can be drawn into thin lines or smudged like an eye shadow for a natural finish.

Nude makeup + rose blush = charming urban sports style

Locomotive jumpsuit

Nude makeup + rose blush = charming urban sports style

Fashion Focus: The models have a long, soft hair, wearing a dynamic pullover skirt and shiny motorcycle pants, floating lightly from the audience. Whether it's a skirt or a motorcycle trousers, it has a two-color contrast zipper, which is a kind of restrained temperament.

Create keywords: thin, neutral sports.

With makeup: the eye makeup blends with mint blue, plum purple, licorice or pink smoky fruit, and is decorated with icing and glittering. It is worth mentioning that this season's gel texture blush cream, soft and natural blooming effect , so that the apple red is naturally presented above the cheeks.

Perfect makeup to create products:

ShuUemura and Fenghua language beauty powder box (box + core) empty box 130 yuan + powder core 370 yuan

With the whitening whitening powder cake, whitening active ingredients create a three-dimensional whitening effect, the skin is like a petal, even and transparent.

To enjoy the happiness of girls, Mamechiyo expresses a lasting bloom with flowers that bloom in different seasons, and expresses the positive power in life. The limited edition powder box is cherished when you dress yourself. It is recommended to use a light-sensitive photographic powder core.

Golden Brown Eye Makeup + Orange Lips = Paris Rebellious Girl

Orange dress

Golden Brown Eye Makeup + Orange Lips = Paris Rebellious Girl

Fashion Focus: This series is mainly composed of elegant and long skirts and trousers. It focuses not on women's “sexy” but on “feelings”. The neat cut makes them look competitive.

Create keywords: orange red, exotic temperament.

With makeup: feather-like golden brown eye makeup, dark black eyeliner, long curled eyelashes, red to dazzling moist lips, plus the exotic tattoos of the meticulously painted, full of Paris rebellious girls. The hair on both sides is in two symmetrical, high-rise curved curls, and the middle part of the back of the head is in a separate round bun.

Perfect lip makeup to create products:

CHANEL Miss Coco Lipstick 285 yuan

In the early spring of 2012, the cocoa lipstick lipstick series appeared freshly. Innovative technology, the collection is softly coloured, with a perfect color and lips. Its unparalleled moisture comes from the mixing of waxes with natural plant alcohol derivatives. Excellent water-soluble texture brings natural luster to lips. Whether it's soft or warm colors, the lips immersed in the radiance of the radiance, the moment shines fresh and energetic. The Cocoa Lipstick Brightening Series is specially formulated with a lip-compounding ingredient. The lip compound provides timely and perfect moisturization for up to eight hours. Lips are applied to the lips, smooth and soft, perfectly rich, hydrated and translucent.

Cat Eyeliner + Shallow Eyebrow = Hiking Look

Zebra retro dress

Cat Eyeliner + Shallow Eyebrow = Hiking Look

Fashion Focus: Inspiration combines mysterious Catholic elements with the tough, free-spirited spirit of the medieval traveler, plain black and white and rough linen fabric, exuding a strong natural atmosphere.

Create keywords: eyeliner, return to nature.

With makeup: use a dyed eyebrow cream to take a slightly light eyebrow powder, depict the natural eyebrows, and evenly press the eyebrow color. Cat eyeliner makeup is the focus, and these eyes can be created through the eyeliner. Draw the eyeliner out of the front corner of the eye and stretch it at the end of the eye. The slender cat's eye makeup is complete.

Perfect makeup to create products:

ShiseidoMaquillage three-dimensional light repair capacity powder 220 yuan

Re-shaping the contours of the face, the three-dimensional face effect of the stereoscopic optometry repair capacity powder. The blush and the color of the color and the color of the color, the five-color repair powder with the color matching, create a clearer, sharper face effect.

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