3D printing youth demonstration center built a child can learn 10 minutes

Yesterday, Qingdao Research Institute of Xi'an Jiaotong University and Qingdao Keqiang Education established the “3D Printing Youth Innovation Demonstration Center” in Qingdao. Next year, the center will also set up a sub-center in Laoshan District to promote 3D printing practice courses in primary and secondary schools.

"Our 3D printer has built-in wireless WIFI. Everyone can use the mobile phone to connect with the 3D printer. With the hand-painted software, you can draw and write as you like. The software will automatically generate 3D graphics and send the commands to the 3D printer. Minutes can print out the model.” Zong Key, director of the 3D Printing Youth Innovation Demonstration Center, told reporters that with this built-in wireless WIFI 3D printer, children can learn 3D printing in 10 minutes with the help of hand-drawn software. .


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